Sunday, January 23, 2011

Midhani - Mr Rana and Mr BP Sarker..

In the last post I have posted regarding problem of heavy foundation vibrations of Entty Reel due to faulty instrument gearing arrangement and and how EPC was commissioned. In this post I am going to write a brief story I heard from my friend Sri JVSN Rao as reminded by my friend Sri Kalyan Bhattacharjee regarding visit of Mr BP Sarkar to Midhani, Hyderabad. In subsequent post I am also going to tell a story as to how low on money, we almost missed our flight back from Madras to Calcutta (that time it was neither Chennai nor Kolkata).

Firstly story at MIDHANI.
Mr JVSN Rao was posted on temporary transfer to Midhani, Hyderabad for commissioning of bar mill. That time temporary transfer meant allowance of  Rs 13.00 a day against Rs 54.00 per day for persons on tour. Since engineers from all other department were on tour, Mr Rao used for feel deprived. When invited by Mr Rana for beer, he used to calculate his finances since a bottle of beer used to cost Rs 17.00. During that period. Mr BP Sarkar visited Midhani. and as usual was behind some panel during a late afternoon. Mr Rana who didnot recognize Mr BP Sarkar and may have taken him as a junior engineer though he was Engineering Manager and even senior to Mr Munshi, Rana's boss. In a hurry to go back in the evening Rana patted Mr Sarkar on back and said in Hindi " hume bhi koochh batoa thora electrical main bhi janata hoon. Aab band karo chalo kahi beer sheer pitain hain cabret sabret dekhte hain". Mr Sarkar didnot clarify the position he gave him just a cold look. Rana realised his mistake during the same trip when Mr Munshi clarified to him that Mr Sarkar is even senior to him. Rana could not get chance even to apologise to Mr Sarkar.

other part of story in next post.....

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