Saturday, November 8, 2014

My official visits abroad Part-1..Germany -1983

Sorry for late delivery of my blog - after almost 3 years. Got busy with our project at Bhilai.
During MECON days going abroad was a privilege every one looked forward to. Being part of Rolling Mill supply group it was assumed one will go to US due to our collaboration with Pittsburgh based Wean United - now Danieli United. Many of our seniors had been to US from 6 months to 2 years and we looked towards them with awe. Apart from official visits we (with my wife) went to visit US (East &West coast) twice- 2007 &2010 and took a Europe tour to 5 countries (Germany, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Swiss) -2013.
I had my share of official foreign visits as well. Rather I had 2 long postings 3 months to SMS, Dusseldorf -Germany and 6 months to ISCOR, Pretoria - South Africa. I got several opportunities to visit France & Swiss from MACO - my company after retirement as well.  I will not take your time telling stories ( I may tell later..) but try to sum up through pictures..In this blog pictures of 1983 visit to Germany.. Visited Germany again in 1997 (Berlin - East side), 2007 (Dusseldorf & Munich) & 2013 (Munich). These are pictures of 1983:

Mr PL Modi, Mr MR Kedia, Myself & Mr Prasad (Top) on a river cruise on Rhine, Mr Helmut Litters (SMS) & me at Cologne (Middle) at Klon main stations (Bottom)

 I visited a grand zoo at Duisburg.. a demand from my little girl Shweta before departure who read some where about this zoo including its Dolphin show..
Stalactite caves on way to Hilchenbach from Dusseldorf. Could not believe that time that 120 km road trip will be over in about 1 hour !

Party at 26 Oberbilker Alle..

Busy marketing - My first in Europe
We shifted to new apartment on other side of Rhine in Apr-1983 with Late Dr KG Pandey,  Mr PK Sinha & Mr MR Kedia

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