Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Salem Stainless Project 1980, Tamilnadu India

Sorry for delay of this post.. as explained in the last post it was due to non functional Broadband at our place..

During site work at Salem we became friends with many engineers of Salem Steel Plants many of whom were Tamils. Tamil are nice friendly people always eager to help. One of such engineer was Bharatan. He was a mechanical engineer with Salem Steel and was a quite person, he was staying in Salem Town and he will some time travel with us is our Car or Taxi. Any mismatch in coupling finsh boring or any other problem we shall face in execution of 2 Hi mill, he will be there to help. In electrical we had one gentleman called Anil Kumar a Malyali. He was a jolly fellow and we could go along well.

Our Taxi operator was one Mr Goutaman, BA, -- we learned that educational achievements were added as part of name by some people in this part of Tamilnadu. He was nice person giving brand new cars as Taxi. Once her gave us a brand new big car from Ambassador family. This was centre of attraction and it so happened Mr Raju, then Executive Director of Salem plant traveled with is in that car from Plant to Administrative Building. From then onward there was no checking of our car at the security gate for about a month, only then Security personnel realized that it not ED's car.

Oh, I forgot to tell about my Tamil use with Sri DD Sinha during his short trip in absence of Sri CND Nair who went to pilgrimage to Lord Ayappa. We went to see a Hindi Movie as part of daily routine near the railway station. Then Sri Sinha needed to go to urinal. I had learned that "Pungala" means ladies as written in buses in Tamil and I had read it. There was no "Pungala" in front of the toilet and I said Sri DD Sinha to use this toilet. Oh God it was a ladies toilet (though having male urinal fixtures) and there was angry retorts in Tamil both of us could not understand..
Another time we went to a restaurant called Vasanth Vihar in the town a regular place I visited with Mr Vaidyanathan et all. I told Mr DD Sinha, I shall use my half knowledge of Tamil and called the waiter "ainge wa.". Come here. He started reciting the menu. I interrupted  "Tair wada erka?" . Do you have Dahiwada? He told some thing in Tamil - I could figure out .. I have only those I told you before and went away. Sri DD Sinha said now see my sign language. He waved his hand to call the waiter. Then he twisted his hand as if asking. Waiter again recited the menu. Sri DD Sinha said "Masala Dosa" and showed him 2 fingers ie bring 2 masala dosa and Lo our language problem was solved.

I shall tell how we commissioned the AGC cylinder in the next post.

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